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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Fuzzy and Fustrating

We were hoping that our sweet newbie Miss Misa and the Biggens would be fast friends
and at first it was looking really good...
she was kissing them, they were kissing her, they were playing together...
We did bonding in a small neutral area, than when all that went well,
we moved the bonding sessions to a bigger neutral area and again it went splendidly...

After two weeks of this routine we felt like it was time to try things in their respective rooms,
well of course when Elsie realized what we were up to,
that we wanted Misa to share their room downstairs & vice versa,
Elsie started to get mean and what Elsie does, her brother Henrie does!
So now we don't know if they will ever accept her.  We'll try again in a bit.
Argh why oh why can't rabbits just get along!!!

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