Thursday, May 25, 2017

Stress & Secrets

So I know I've been mentioning briefly that things around here have been super stressful...
(hence the beautiful new orchid that I just had to treat myself too!)
I mentioned briefly that we've very suddenly have found my niece living with us
for sad reasons that we really want nothing to do with! but on top of that hugely stressful situation,
I've been dealing with a few health issues...
On top of my usual hard time with head pain and super bad migraines and very painful knees
& shoulders (because I am double-jointed and all my joints are worn out and arthritic!)

I've also been a tad grumpy (sorry baby!)
as I've been on a strict food elimination diet to see if I am gluten allergic!
Now I am also waiting on blood tests to see if I have Celiac disease!

On top of that I was having problems with my eyesight...
artwork has been going blurry as I work and my eyes just don't want to focus,
so that itself threw me into a complete loop of panic (because I've always had a fear of going blind!)
It's looking like my one eyes prescription has changed after like 30+ years of wearing glasses
which isn't a big deal after all,  thank goodness!
The problem there is that I have FIVE pairs of glasses that now need 1 lens corrected, argh!!!

The thing I was keeping most quiet about however was a cancer scare,
I had been having months of pretty intense and constant pain in my lower abdominal
that lead to my doctors of course, than ultrasounds etc
and of course you all know about the torturous-will-go-out-of-my-mind waiting for results part!
BUT what we were fearing was ovarian cancer however turned out thankfully to just be a hemorrhagic cyst, which has to have an eye kept on it but with no surgery needed at this point

I share this tale of my physical woes with you not because I look for sympathy but because
we are all biological beings where a million things can go wrong and it's scary as hell.
Why not reach out to one another for comfort and teaching and inspiration,
physical pain and problems is something we're all connected to...we should kindly share our tales!?

I mostly share however because I hope to urge all of my female chickies (and men too of course)
out there to further investigate and seek immediate help if you've any kind of abnormal pain.
I waited...a long two months, maybe more...I was a chicken, I didn't want to get any bad news,
that's usually not my MO, I usually jump on any problems right away
but this one had me totally frozen and I am lucky that it's turned out to be nothing...
but if it had been something, time may very well have been at the heart of solving it!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Red Flowers In Focus

Here are the red flowers all finished up
"Red Flowers In Focus"

I don't know about prints yet but the original is for sure already up for grabs
just send me an email if your interested.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Spring At The Falls

This is a place that my honey & I love, especially since it's where we had our very first date
over 23 years ago, but I haven't been to it since last Spring,
not since before I badly dislocated my knee.
It was a bit of a workout still for my injured knee but the trees, rushing water, melting snow
were so good for the soul, I was able to push myself past the physical pain
and enjoy the day with my guy & my niece.

Though I am usually quite selfish with sharing my beloved Sony Alpha, ha ha...
seeing what fun my niece is having with it, especially on macro,
I find myself offering it to her on our outings because who knows, maybe she's a budding photographer and well it's pretty fun to see her face and excitement when we go through
the photos later in the day and she realizes that she got some great shots.
I am honestly pretty chuffed with the photos my Samsung Note 2 takes, such as all of these.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Pet Portraits

Animals are hands down my most favorite thing to draw and colour.
Just in case you don't already know,
I can do simple, small and sweet custom pet portraits for you...

Prices would vary from $60cdn-$80cdn for 4x4"-5x7" and they'll be done like this cutie,
in coloured pencil which is than cut out and mounted onto a painted wood canvas.
Just email me if your interested in me doing something small of one of your precious pets.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Simple Quiet Weekends

We've all been pretty sick the past month so our weekends have been quieter lately...
homemade pizza nights, lots of snuggles with buns & movies in our home theater...

and a bit of time in the studios since my heads been so bad during the weekdays.
How have your weekends been shaping up?  What's your most favorite thing to do??

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Spendor and Beauty

A day playing around in the snow a few weeks back was followed up by this... of the most spectacular sunsets ever and in our own sleepy little city...amazingly beautiful.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Food Friday

This is a really easy one but it's also really satisfying.
Just cook up your favourite rice, I love soft almost mushy brown rice, my guy likes basmati..

Sauteed in olive oil & maggie; yellow peppers, tofu, garlic, mushrooms & Marinzano tomatoes until
all of that is nice and soft.  Whiles all that is simmering away steam a whole whack of broccoli.
Voila...dinner...tasty, easy, healthy and because we love animals beautifully cruelty-free.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Music On The Lake

Our niece plays the bass clarinet so we three thought it would be super cool
to have a little concert al fresco, out on the beautiful frozen lake.
(A few weeks after this she went on a big band trip to Orlando Florida to play at Disney/Universal)

The day reminded me of how abundant natural beauty is around here & how luckily near to it we are.
We took loads of pictures, we recorded some of the music with the camcorder.
The concert was followed up by hot chocolate at our favorite cafe...
She just loved the day...we loved it...and it'll be a fond memory for all of us to remember.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Photo Realism

Sometimes it's nice just to work from one of my photos and to do something a bit more realistic...

especially when I've got my sweet grumpy old man Jaks snuggled up by my feet whiles doing so.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A Heron In Progress

Here's a peek at something new.  I've been so inspired by herons, I'll show you why later this week.

Here is a newbie in Micron pen...

There isn't enough time in a day to work with all of the mediums I am addicted too...sigh!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Leisel and Hyde!

One of our newest adoptees, Leisel, has been a really big handful.
She's pretty messed up emotionally and it's like dealing with Jekyll and Hyde!  Poor girl.
One minute she wants nothing but snuggles & she melts into you
and the next she's on attack mode and boy oh boy this girl has quite the harsh bite!

This goes to show that you never know what kind of personality your bunny will have,
they aren't always sunshine and sweetness...well that's usually under any flying teeth!!
Sometimes it takes a long time and a whole lot of love to get them past all of the bad habits.
We concentrate on her good because she without a doubt is a lovely sweet girl under the naughty!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

My Golden Monkey King

My Golden monkey is coming along nicely I think...
I hope I can get him to turn out like I have him all worked out in my head!

I am working on a super smooth paper with no tooth at all and it's quite different
from my usual paper which lately is pretty much always Stonehenge paper.

This is the first piece I've done in the new Polychromos
and unfortunately I am CRAZY in love with them already!

I say unfortunately because they aren't readily available in my neck of the woods &
they are very costly so I am telling myself that I shouldn't fall TOO deeply in love with them!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

This Kinda Weekend

It's been a really rough month physcially, mentally, emotionally
so this is the only kinda weekend I am planning and hoping for...

Lots of time in my studios...time snuggling up with my guy and all nine buns...
and if all of that can hopefully be peacefully head pain free than this is the simple life for me!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Food Friday

I've had a super rough migraine week with very little time in the studios etc..
So today's Food Friday is gonna be super quick...
How's about for dinner or lunch this weekend or coming week you give this tasty mix a go...

It's my popular lemony lentil soup (recipe is right here)
with a couple soy dogs (the best are from Zoglo's), organic soy milk, peppermint tea
and gluten free bread with smooshed up avocado spread on it (with lemon juice, salt & paprika).

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Starry Evening Tide

Here it is, one of my latest ink pens that I had a ball with...
even if during it's making I started having problems with my eyesight
which lead me to the optometrist, which has unfortunately lead to the costly
necessity of switching one lens in all of my glasses
because my prescription has changed slightly, argh!!!

I like to make pictures where animals get along and
where they are all vegetarian and leave one another in peace!
Hence the boat full of calm star fishing/gazing bunnies and
two sleepy owls who want nothing more than to just sit on their star surrounded branch
enjoying one another & the sweet evening...ahhhh....lovely & wishful!

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