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Thursday, November 23, 2017

PLEASE Sign This Today

I don't know how you feel but I feel that petitions DO have power
when enough people care to lend their voice to them.
I have an account on, I have for awhile now so when really
important petitions come up, I can add my name and voice my opinion. 

It's sickening & monstrous that we are still using animals this way...
don't worry there are no graphic pictures but
It's soooo important that you hop on over right now, it's takes just a moment
to sign today please please please for the love of all animals.

Jelly Bean Jaks

Jaks is at least 10 years old, perhaps older, he's been on two heart meds for congestive heart failure for over TWO years now, when we started him on the meds we thought we'd just have 2 weeks more!
Every morning that I go into his room to wake him up and pick him up for his AM meds, I prepare
myself that maybe during the night he's passed away...
but every morning he cute little face greets me, I am happy and I feel very grateful...

I am honestly so shocked that he was with us another summer
and that he's now entering another Winter,
he's so impressively tenacious in spirit and body and I love that so much,
I think I respond to that tenacity with extra gratitude because I must possess it in spades myself.
This week I am going to sparkle up his room with some Christmas-tide,
the little guy deserves extra twinkle lights this year I think, ha ha!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Pressing Petals

I have no ideal what I am going to do with all of these pressed flowers I've been collecting
but I gotta keep pressing them,
mainly because a) it's fun to open my homemade presses and see which ones turn out

but also because
b) I am a lucky gal whose honey buys her lots of flowers
and c) because they will be useful someday, I do have a slight inkling involving old cottages & buns!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Korra Wants You To Know

Korra-Soleil told me that I should let all of you guys know about how's she's doing
since loosing her best friend Emmett aka Min-Min aka Meep.

She's a bit quieter, she's definitely lonely for her Min-Min
& so far she is saying no way no how to any new friendships (she's already lost 1 mate and 2 friends)
but she does like to lay out at the gate with Leisel, Yuuji and especially Henrie
but she definitely has a hate on for Flynn & Misa for reasons completely unknown!
But she's eating very well, she's enjoying the extra snuggles

She finds it a bit boring outside now without Emmett so she seems to prefer being inside more now
but she without a doubt loves having her Daddy working from his home office most of the week.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Share Sunday

It's that time, I hope your had lots of beauty in your week....
In case you need a dose of good... it's time to share some sweetness...
time for Share Sunday...

This news story is from last year but it still makes my heart happy.
It's a short tale about a orphaned baby bunny and a pigeon that bond and help each other grow & heal.
Check it out, I bet it'll make you smile.

It really irritates me when people assume us vegans and vegetarians are starved or unhealthy.
Here is a great article about all the delicious beautiful foods that are actually
higher in Iron than any meat's especially good reference for my fellow veg-head XO.

If your like me and are super sensitive and are a heart-on-your-sleever, this is for you.
I myself practice all of these self-kindness tips & they all in their own way help my sensitive heart.
If you have any tips, leave a comment and tell us.

Enjoy and a Happy Happy Weekend is being wished your way XOXO

Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Portage Flyer

This summer we drove out to Huntsville for some kayaking and a short jaunt on the Portage Flyer...
It's an old steam train that ran in the area from 1904 to 1959 that has been beautifully
restored and is now a historic piece of the past run all on volunteer power.
We had smiles plastered on our faces the whole time, imagining how it was used way back when...

Whiles the trek was disappointingly short, the train itself is beautiful and didn't disappoint.
I've only ever been on subway trains so I was pretty excited by the clickety-clack of the rail-line.
A dash of history is always a great jumping point into gratitude...
It really makes me appreciate all the luxuries we have at our finger tips nowadays.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Hopefully In The Studio

It's been a hard week for head-pain...I am behind again on originals I've wanted to get finished up...

But as I always say, I can only fight against the pain so much, there's only so much I can do...

So hopefully next week is better and I can start getting some of these beauties photographed & listed!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

It Was A Good Summer

Everything has been put away, wrapped up and covered for another long winter...
I've been looking forward to winter for awhile now so I have no complaints really.

My heart still hurts that Teela wasn't with us, I think it always will....But my life and our yard,
doesn't so much belong to us but to the bunnies and I know for sure that they had a great summer.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Bunnies Have An Auntie

Life with bunnies kinda makes us a little more unique,
our choices aren't widely understood (or sadly, accepted),
it's usually a "Rabbits over children Whhhatttt are you doing??
or a "You can't do that, how disappointed your parents must be, you will regret it..." blah blah blah!
BUT the bunnies & us do have one person on our side, their Auntie Maria, she's so special to us...

It means so much to have someone ask after our babies, someone who is truly interested in hearing all about them and who actually bothers to remember all their names, not just 'oh that small white one"!
Someone who acknowledges them with hugs, snuggles, Hellos & Goodbyes,
someone who stretches out to spend time with them on the floor, who gives them interest & time.
We are sad that we live far apart but we are so grateful for beloved visits, like this past summer.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Owl & The Flowers

Here's a brand new Ink Drawing for bird lovers
and anyone whose spirit animal is an owl...

8 x 10 inch archival prints are already in the shop and are ready to ship
and keep you eyes open for a lino-cut version of this guy coming someday in the near future.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Back In Summer

I am so behind on summer photos....

This was just some hiking in one of our favorite places this summer.